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The Essential Potion
Our exclusive and powerful, All-Natural All-Purpose cleaner made of the finest in Essential Oils is guaranteed to make your home sparkle and delight your senses. Famously used on the "Hollywood" scene, The Essential Potion is fabulous in Kitchens, use on stove-top and range hoods to remove greasy build-up. Spray on stainless steel to bring back the luster in your appliances. Excellent in bathrooms, spray in showers to keep mold and mildew down. Can be used for dusting, removal of pet urine stains, and anywhere a powerful or light cleaning is needed. Great for use in the entire home or office, The Essential Potion is sure to make your home look and smell awesome!
Please direct all orders of The Essential Potion to the PayPal link below. For faster service, feel free to call . Thank You and Enjoy!
The Essential Potion
All Natural All Purpose Cleaner Made of the Finest In Essential Oils
Price: $12.00
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